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Mission Statement

The mission statement in Music at Freedom Elementary School is that everyone can make music no matter what! Music will be a safe place for all students to experiment with instruments and express their musicality.

Music Teacher - Astrid Rivera

Music Classroom Expectation & Procedures

When students enter the music classroom, they will come in and sit in their assigned seats which will be given to them on the first day of school. During Music, students will be expected to raise their hands to answer questions or ask questions if they need more explanations on the content we are learning. My goal is to explore several types of music and genres from other cultures and countries that students may not get to experience in their daily lives. I hope that when students leave my classroom, they will come home and tell you about all the fun genres and music they learned in my class!

Instrument Playing

The Music room is so thankful to have so many different instruments provided for our students to try and experiment on. When students are playing these instruments, they are expected to treat them with care, as if these instruments belong to them.

Students in Kindergarten and First Grade will be learning our non - pitched instruments like drums, rhythm sticks, and egg shakers while also starting to learn about our xylophones.

Students in Second and Third Grade will be playing a lot more on our xylophones and beginning to compose their own melodies on them. These students will start working in small groups so they can learn how ensembles work and create team building skills.

Students in Fourth and Fifth Grade will have the opportunity to learn more about how to read and write music on the staff and transfer it to the xylophones. These students will also have the chance to learn our ukuleles starting in the second half of the school year.

Choir Club

A Choir Club is available for Fourth and Fifth Grade students who are interested. This club is an opportunity for students to gain extra experience in Music and work on their team building skills. If you believe your child is interested in joining this year, please contact Ms. Rivera at ; more information will also be sent out as the year continues.